Protect Our Waterways...Pump it...Don't Dump it

"Pump It...Don't Dump It"

We are the only Mobile Marine Pump Out Service located in South Florida. Providing down to Earth Quality Friendly Service, and helping to keep our waterways clean and safe. We currently serve the Homestead and Key Largo areas. We come to your dock.

Our job is to make it easy and convenient for you to pump out your boats holding tank, we come to you. So no more moving your boat to wait in line wasting time to pump out, or to find a broken down marina pump out station.

Our mission is to provide you with the very Best Pump Out Service in town, and to Help keep our Waterways, and Oceans clean and safe for all of us. "Pump It...Don't Dump It" Call us today and make your pump out appointment at 305.964.0544.


Vessel Discharge Law

 The discharge of untreated "sewage" from boats into waters of the State is prohibited by both State law (Florida Litter Law - 403.413, F.S.) and Federal law (Clean Water Act). Note: gray water is not considered "sewage" in the law. Therefore, the discharge of gray water from boats into the sea around Florida is currently not prohibited. The law defines gray water from boats as "galley kitchen, bath, and shower water."


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